MODELPriceDiscountNet Price
2017 Adventure GX 2.5D M/T 735,00020,000715,000
2017 Adventure GLX 2.5D M/T900,00075,000825,000
2017 Adventure GLS SPT 2.5D M/T960,00075,000885,000
2017 Adventure Super SPT 2.5D M/T1,005,00045,000960,000
2017 Montero Sport GLX 2.4D 4x2 MT1,395,00075,0001,320,000
2017 Montero Sport GLS 2.4D 4x2 AT1,555,00075,0001,480,000
2016 Montero Sport GLS PREMIUM 2.4D 4x2 AT1,688,00020,0001,668,000
2016 Montero Sport GLS 2.4D 4x4 MT1,788,00020,0001,768,000
2016 Montero Sport GT 2.4D GLS 4x4 AT2,000,00020,0001,980,000
2016 Strada 2.5 GL 4x2 M/T955,00020,000935,000
2016 Strada 2.5 GLX 4x2 M/T1,060,00020,0001,040,000
2016 Strada 2.5 GLX 4x2 A/T1,160,00020,0001,140,000
2016 Strada 2.5 GLS V 4x4 M/T1,325,00020,0001,305,000
2016 Strada 2.5 GLS SPT V 4x4 A/T1,445,00020,0001,425,000
2016 Strada Fieldmaster 4x4 MT S.E. 1,405,00020,0001,385,000
2016 Strada Fieldmaster 4x4 AT S.E. 1,425,00020,0001,405,000
L300 CC ONLY DELUXE605,00035,000570,000
L300 CC with FB Body Deluxe (BARE)719,00035,000684,000
L300 FB Single A/C Deluxe749,00040,000709,000
L300 FB Dual A/C Deluxe766,00040,000726,000
L300 CC w/ WT Body Deluxe735,00035,000700,000
L300 CC w/ AF Body Deluxe677,00035,000642,000
L300 CC w/ Pet Body Deluxe720,00035,000685,000
L300 CC ONLY Exceed620,00035,000585,000
L300 CC with FB Body Exceed (BARE)744,00035,000709,000
L300 FB Single A/C Exceed774,00040,000734,000
L300 FB Dual A/C Exceed791,00040,000751,000
2016 ASX 2.0 GLS 2WD CVT1,165,00050,0001,115,000
2016 ASX 2.0 GSR 2WD CVT1,265,00050,0001,215,000
2016 Pajero GLS 3.8 Gas 4x4 A/T2,555,000200,0002,355,000
2016 Pajero GLS 3.2 Diesel 4x4 A/T2,755,000200,0002,555,000
2016 Mirage G4 1.2 GLX M/T630,00020,000610,000
2016 Mirage G4 1.2 GLX A/T680,00020,000660,000
2016 Mirage G4 1.2 GLS M/T740,00020,000720,000
2016 Mirage G4 1.2 GLS A/T790,00020,000770,000
2016 Mirage 1.2 GLX M/T555,00020,000535,000
2016 Mirage 1.2 GLX A/T605,00020,000585,000
2016 Mirage 1.2 GLX M/T665,00020,000645,000
2016 Mirage 1.2 GLS A/T715,00020,000695,000
Published Mitsubishi Price may change without due notice. For All-in Downpayment Promo and monthly amortization contact Ms. Alexis Ruiz. This Mitsubishi Pricelist was
last updated February 1, 2017
last updated December 23, 2016
last updated December 18, 2016
last updated November 20, 2016
last updated October 10, 2016

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